Blog Posts by Andreas Schwarte

  • Federation in metaphactory (Federation) 2021-11-22

    With metaphactory, we serve customers of various sizes and across multiple industries, but no matter whether we're talking about a clinical trial scoping or a bill of materials use case, customers are looking for solutions to address hybrid information needs. That means that end users usually have questions or information needs that are not limited to one single data source or just RDF graph data, but involve simultaneously dealing with a multitude of data sources, a multitude of data...

  • SSO and Identity Management with metaphactory (Security) 2022-11-29

    This blog post is co-authored by Andreas Schwarte, Principal Software Engineer, and Wolfgang Schell, Principal Software Architect at metaphacts.In a previous blog post we provided a high-level overview on security-related topics for using metaphactory in an enterprise environment. This post will dive deeper into authentication and authorization using single sign-on and also cover how the authentication process can be integrated with databases or external services such as third-party REST...

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As a Principal Software Engineer at metaphacts and a specialist in semantic technologies, Linked Data, SPARQL and federated query processing, Andreas leads our software engineering team in developing, documenting, and testing metaphactory to ensure that the platform meets our customers' needs and helps them achieve their business goals.