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  • Data authoring with metaphactory's semantic forms (Authoring) 2022-05-25

    Forms are a key instrument for collecting and authoring data, while knowledge graphs are the de facto standard for modeling and representing human knowledge. metaphactory delivers a highly configurable semantic form component that empowers you to build user-friendly form interfaces based on the semantic model (ontology1) in the underlying knowledge graph. End users can use these form interfaces to edit existing data, create new data, and interlink resources in the knowledge graph. In this blog...

  • Searching with metaphactory - An Overview (Search) 2021-05-19

    Extracting meaningful and actionable insights from data is only possible if data is easily and intuitively accessible to and searchable for users. But as data accumulates, finding the right bit of information becomes challenging. Knowledge Graphs have proven extremely powerful in surfacing previously unknown insights and relations in the data. They enable unprecedented query expressiveness and allow to make all instance data and its related metadata searchable, accessible and shareable....

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As Director of Customer Success at metaphacts, Dmitry is responsible for making sure that our clients have a positive and rewarding experience with metaphactory and he drives many customer-oriented product improvement initiatives to make this experience even smoother.