Blog Posts by Sebastian Schmidt

  • Visual Ontology Modeling for Domain Experts and Business Users with metaphactory (Ontology Modeling) 2021-02-17

    In my previous blog post on building Knowledge Graph-driven, FAIR Data platforms I discussed the importance of data and data-driven decisions, processes and tools in accelerating digital transformation. Knowledge Graphs have revolutionized the way data can be accessed and used, and have helped enterprises overcome the challenges posed by distributed silos where information is available to limited audiences, in heterogeneous formats, and represented according to different models. They have led to...

  • The game plan for your Knowledge Graph-driven FAIR Data platform in Life Sciences and Pharma (FAIR Data) 2020-12-10

    At metaphacts we help customers leverage knowledge graphs to unlock the value of their data assets and drive digital transformation. We started out with this mission in 2014 and, since then, we've served a multitude of customers in pharma and life sciences, engineering and manufacturing, finance and insurance, as well as digital humanities and cultural heritage. This blog post will give you an overview of what we have developed in customer projects over the years as our game plan to build a...

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Sebastian has 20 years of experience in the IT industry throughout which he has held leading positions in software engineering, pre-sales, consulting and product management. As Co-CEO at metaphacts, Sebastian leads customer- and partner-facing activities and is responsible for driving digital transformation initiatives with customers across Europe, North America and Asia.