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Hi there - and welcome to the metaphacts Blog! We're really excited to see our blog system go live and we thought we'd give you a brief introduction into our aims for this blog, the benefits you can extract from it and best practices for interacting with the system.

Firstly, as the title suggests, our blog strives to deliver content, ideas and inspiration to guide and support you on your journey into the world of Knowledge Graphs. Existing and new customers, developers, technical architects and business executives can expect to find articles providing detailed metaphactory feature descriptions, concrete examples and usage scenarios, best practices, project implementations and pointers to demo systems. We promise to keep our content relevant, to the point and easily digestible. As the blog grows, you can expect to see various elements that will help you find new content but also content that is related to your areas of interest.

In our articles you can expect to hear from our technology experts and semantic technology gurus who continuously find ways to make our platform even better, but also from our project implementation ninjas who tirelessly work on making our customers happy. From time to time, you might even find a guest article from one of our trusted partners.

Whenever you find an intersting article, we'd be more than happy if you could share it with others who you think might also extract value from it. Or feel free to share it with the entire world using the Social Media buttons below every article. If you'd like to share your opinions, ideas or suggestions, we're happy to hear from you at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. For specific product support requests you can, as always, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Finally, if you would like to stay up to date and make sure you don't miss any new articles, you can use our RSS feed in our footer or subscribe to the metaphacts newsletter which will always include pointers to the latest content. If you'd like to learn more about metaphactory, visit our corporate website at metaphacts.com

That's it! Thank you for reading and we'll see you out there!

Irina Schmidt

Irina is an international marketing and communications expert with over 10 years of experience in the areas of product marketing, online and digital marketing, public relations and customer success. She loves working at the crossroads where technology and business meet and is passionate about targeted marketing solutions that resonate with customers and solve real-world problems.